Bad Beer

My wife Julia (you’ll hear that name a lot) and I went out to do some errands today, and when we got home, we treated ourselves to a Foolproof Raincloud Robust Porter. I’d bought a six-pack to bring a couple on my annual Guy’s Trip To Canada (more about that in a later post) and with today being a rainy shitshow of a day, I figured this’d be a nice beer to warm us up in this raw, crap weather.


When this came out of the can and into the glass, it was all foam. I mean, a craft beer glass that was 9″ high had 1″ of beer and the rest foam in it – and only half the can was poured in. I was very disappointed, since this is one of the better local beers I’ve got in my stable. I can only surmise that this was just a batch of badly-canned beer.

Bummer. Oh well – I’ll just have to get another six-pack to let them prove me wrong. 🙂